Life Drawing Workshop – 7/2/17


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Good day at the life drawing workshop. We had, probably our best model, posing for us. Below are two of my 2-minute warm up sketches done in ink.

Sumi Ink 0066_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0067_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 6/11/17


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Today we had the tattooed model. It seemed like she had new tattoos added since the last time I saw her.

Although I got got a couple of poses with her back to me there were a couple of poses where I was able to draw her face. It was hard to capture the general look and feel of her but I think that’s how it is with certain models.

Below are two 20-minute charcoal drawing in black and white on toned paper.

Charcoal tone 0119_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0118_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 5/28/17


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Charcoal tone 0116_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0117_cleto_criste

I like drawing this particular model. I think someone said he studies classical poses and uses them when he models for a life drawing class. For some reason his looks reminds me of Van Gogh. A woman next to me said he reminds her of paintings of satyrs. But we both agree that his mustache is very interesting.

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Life Drawing Workshop – 5/7/17


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Today’s model is one of my favorites to draw. He’s not muscular but he’s large boned with angular, well defined surface areas. You don’t have that smooth roundness that you see in a lot of female models so he has more interesting surface areas to work with.

Below are two, twenty minute drawings in the aux deux crayons (two chalks) style.

Charcoal tone 0114_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0115_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 3/19/17


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Not a cloud in the sky today. After a few weeks of rainy weather and vog we get the perfect sunny weather this weekend. It was also a nice day to do some life drawing from a live model.

Below is a 10 minute charcoal drawing.

Charcoal white 0013_cleto_criste


Below are two 20 minute aux deux crayons drawings.

Charcoal tone 0110_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0111_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 2/19/17


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In these types of drawing, whether it’s a three color chalk drawing, or aux deux crayons (two colors), I want to try to make use of the paper color more.