Life Drawing Workshop – 10/23/16

I love to do the two minute warm-up poses with ink because it’s fast and it allows me to be more expressive. I get a kind of calligraphic effect on my sketch. Working with ink is something I learned in one of my drawing classes in college and I’ve continued using it till now.

Out of ten quick sketches with ink I may get several that might be worth posting on the internet. Here are some that I did today at the life drawing workshop.


Life Drawing Workshop – 8/14/16


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Charcoal tone 0093_cleto_criste

Twenty-minute three color drawing on toned paper from today’s life drawing workshop. He was probably modeling for the first time because his poses weren’t that dynamic, especially in the warm up poses, but he held them very well in the long poses. He had a very interesting face, though, and I felt I could get a good drawing from him.

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New Painting: Plantation Days-The Slaughter


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Slaughter of the Pig_original-1-#2

This is a theme I tried to paint several times before in a realistic manner but I was never happy with the results and would destroy or paint over the paintings. I think this style I painted it in gave me the result I wanted.

Below is a preliminary ballpoint pen sketch I did for the painting.

The slaughter pen sketch

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New Painting: My Apocalypse


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My Apocalypse #5-01_updated-edit1 copy

This was an idea I had for a long time that came from a dream I had. The manner I painted it has a bit of influence from Cubism, although, it’s far from it. I recently got interested in Cubism but at the time of the painting I didn’t know much about the principles of cubism. I did find a book later called Cubism by Edward F. Fry that gave me a better understanding of what  Picasso, Braque and the other Cubists were trying to achieve.

I’m pretty happy with how this painting turned out and will try a few more paintings in this manner.

Below is one of the early sketches I did for the painting.

My Apocalypse pen sketch

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The Archer-3-update1

I got into archery about two years ago thanks to my daughter who took it up while she was an exchange student at the University of Tokyo. Thanks to this new interest I was able to come up with a new idea for a painting. It took a lot of preliminary sketches before I came up with the final image. Below is one of the ballpoint pen sketches from my sketchbook.

Originally, I was going to use a mango as the hanging fruit, as you can see from the sketch. Then came up with the golden apple, a symbol of knowledge and immortality, which is what the archer is aiming for.

The Archer sketch

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Life Drawing Workshop 7/10/16


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Sumi Ink 0039_cleto_criste

A two minute warm up sketch done with ink.

Below is a 20 minute drawings done with black, red, and white charcoal pencils on toned paper.

Charcoal tone 0091_cleto_criste

A very interesting face but a lot of work to do on the hair and facial hair to get it right. He would be a very good model to draw for at least an hour.

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Life Drawing Workshop – 6/26/16


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Today’s charcoal drawing from the life drawing workshop. It was a 30 minute pose drawn with charcoal pencil on paper.

Charcoal white 0009_cleto_criste



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