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I haven’t drawn with graphite pencil in a very long time but I did today after my order of a .09 mm Pentel mechanical pencil and a 2 mm aviation aluminum mechanical pencil 2B arrived from Amazon. I also brought with me several wooden graphite pencils.

I avoided using graphite pencils for drawing for several reasons and I just preferred drawing with charcoal. I know it might take some time to get that familiarity back with graphite again but I think I’ll give it a lot of chance for it to become one of my tools of choice.

Below are a couple of 20 minute graphite pencil drawings with white highlights on tone paper. I think I’ll add a couple of darker grades like maybe a 4B and 6B. I hope it gets better next time.

Charcoal tone 0138_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0139_cleto_criste

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