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I missed the last two life drawing workshops but I tried to make up for it by going to Croquis Cafe on YouTube to draw from their models. The poses are actually timed. There are 1 minute poses, 2 minute poses, and then a final 5 minute pose. It’s pretty close to actually being there.

However, I was able to go today and draw live at the Sunday workshop at our local university. It beats drawing from a computer monitor.

Below are a couple of 2 minute warm up poses drawn with sumi ink, brush, and wooden chopstick.

Sumi Ink 0068_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0069_cleto_criste


This is a 20 minute pose drawn with the aux deux crayon style.

Charcoal tone 0120_cleto_criste

To see more of my artwork go to:  www.cletocriste.com