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New paintings in progress – Atlas Holding Up The Heavens.

My Oil Painting Journal

It seemed like a good idea at the time but now I’m not too sure. I was at Starbucks one morning, drinking coffee when I came up with the idea of doing Atlas holding up the heavens. In the next two weeks I came up with several ballpoint pen sketches. There were four sketches that I liked and I decided to do a painting of each one. Three of those are the ones I’m posting today. The fourth painting is probably the best one but I’ll post it at a later date when it’s completed.

The three paintings I’m posting today are all works in progress.

Below are the original ballpoint pen idea sketches.

Now I’m thinking I’m overdoing but at least I’m getting valuable painting experience.

To see more of my artwork, go to www.cletocriste.com.

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