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New oil painting – Metamorphoses.

My Oil Painting Journal


I was sitting at some dark corner table in Starbucks early one morning when I sketched out the idea for this painting. It started off as a few scratchy lines from my ballpoint pen and then the form started to take shape. I gave my little thumbnail sketch the title “The Rise of Man.”

As I kept working on the sketch I remembered that I had a similar idea 15 years ago based on an excerpt from the classic Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Here’s the part that I was going to use to make a painting.

Thus, while the mute creation downward bend
Their sight, and to their earthly mother tend,
Man looks aloft; and with erected eyes
Beholds his own hereditary skies.
From such rude principles our form began;
And earth was metamorphos’d into Man.

But I never got around to doing it for various reasons and I shelved the idea…

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