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Twyla Tharp_Creative Habit

One of the best finds I’ve had, when we still had Borders Bookstore, was this book by Twyla Tharp called The Creative Habit. It was on one of those bargain tables outside of the store. The original price was $16.00 but as you can see from the price tag still on the cover of the book they had it marked down to $3.99.

There are so many useful tips you can pick up from this book. The one that I’ve picked up and ran with is what she called Scratching, or scratching for ideas. You can find it on Chapter 6. It’s about getting creative ideas through various means.

I’ve taken it literally though and for me it’s scratching with a ballpoint pen in my little black sketchbook. I have a sketchbook strictly for that and below is an inside label I created for that sketchbook.

Scratching for ideasI’ve already come up with a couple of paintings from my scratchings. The latest, for example, is this rough thumbnail sketch…

02_Woman on stool-initial thumbnail…to the painting below on canvas.

04_Woman Blue Dress_paint stage 2Link to art website: www.cletocriste.com