New painting in progress.

My Oil Painting Journal

01_Lady on a stool_1st Draft(Painting in progress)

I haven’t touched my paint brushes for about a month for various reasons that kept me away from doing any kind of work. But today (1/24/15), I was able to start on two new paintings and just thoroughly enjoyed it.

The painting I’ve posted here is the second painting I did today. I think I spent about two hours on it.

The idea for this painting came about in the early morning while doodling thumbnails and having an espresso at Starbucks. Below is the initial thumbnail.

02_Woman on stool-initial thumbnail

I  thought it had potential to be a painting so I did a more finished ballpoint pen drawing to use as a reference for the painting.

03_Woman on stool ink sketch

I may need just two more hours to finish this painting. I’ll see how it goes next weekend.

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