New oil painting called The Whispering Trees.

My Oil Painting Journal

The Whispering Trees_small2The Whispering Trees

I remember sketching this girl with a ballpoint pen. It was a quick sketch but I was able to catch her in that moment when her head was down, with her hair cascading down on one side. I took the sketch further along in my spare time.

When I was doing the preliminary drawings for this painting I had another profile drawing in mind to use for the painting. But after giving it a good look, I thought it was rather plain. Then I remembered the sketch of the other girl.

First Draft-ink sketchInitial ballpoint pen rough idea sketch

The Whispering Trees_girl sketchThe drawing I eventually used for the girl in the painting

I wasn’t concerned about recreating a recognizable image of that girl; rather, the stillness of the moment when her mind was focused on something and was oblivious to her surrounding. So, as I went from the original sketch in…

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