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I missed last week’s life drawing workshop but made it to today’s workshop. We had a male model who reminded me of Charles Barkley, the ex-NBA basketball player.

His ten warm-up poses were excellent. He had this thick rope that he secured to the corner of the platform and he’d pull on it. It provided a nice tension to his muscles and to his entire body. It was a good warm-up session.

His longer poses weren’t as good but I managed to get some pretty decent drawings of him.

Here are a couple of 20 minute drawings done with black and white charcoal.

Charcoal tone 0022_cleto_criste Charcoal tone 0023_cleto_criste_________________________________________________________________

From 2 weeks ago

Two weeks ago we had a female model. I didn’t have a chance to post it till now. Below is a twenty minute pose done in black and white charcoal.

Charcoal tone 0020_cleto_criste