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New oil painting.

My Oil Painting Journal

Cleto Criste_Fear-Deep Waters-smallFear – Deep Waters

There are some people who have a fear of depths or deep waters. This fear is called bathophobia. Sufferers of this phobia experience anxiety even though they are safe from falling into the depths. Bathophobia is the derived from the Greek word “bathos”, which means depth, and phobia (fear).

I live in Hawaii, on an island surrounded by water but I feel no sense of fear when I look out to the ocean horizon. The water looks calm and flat. I can’t really sense its great depth. However, I’ve felt a fear of the ocean once just by looking at it when I was a little kid in the Philippines. I was riding a bus on a winding road on a cliffside and I was looking out at the vast sea from a high vantage point. I believe I may have been looking out at the…

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