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New oil painting.

My Oil Painting Journal

Cleto Criste_Rising Deep Waters-smallRising Deep Water

A song by The Cure called The Same Deep Water As You played in the background several times while I worked on this painting. Some describe it as a haunting, melancholic soul shredding song that one listens to over and over again in a darkened room after a devastating break up. Such a great song from the Disintegration album.

I felt the song conveyed the emotional and psychological content that I wanted my painting to express. And it kind of helped me along as I painted.

I’m not sure if I succeeded in what I was trying to do with this painting but I like it. I’ll leave it like this for now but I’m considering changing the sky background to having a more expressive brushwork instead of a smooth blended sky. Maybe it will add a little bit more turmoil to the painting and it will…

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