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I missed maybe three or four straight weekends of the Sunday figure drawing workshop in Honolulu mainly because my daughter is home on a semester break from college. She had taken up archery while she was an exchange student at the University of Tokyo in Japan last year and I’ve been taking her to the archery range so she can practice her shooting. Archery was something I wanted to take up in my younger years and since I’ve been to the archery range with her, I’ve been inspired to actually do it. Last Friday night, i hit the order button and purchased an archery set. I probably won’t get it till the end of January since it’s back ordered but I can wait.

So today, I decided to miss the first game of the NFL wildcard playoff double header between San Diego and Cincinnati and attend the figure drawing workshop. I spent almost the entire day yesterday watching the two Saturday wildcard games and I didn’t want to do it again. But I was still able to watch the second half of the game between San Francisco and Green Bay.

I felt I had a good day drawing from a live model. The only thing that disappointed me was that a new rule was imposed on our workshop. Food and drinks are not allowed anymore in the room. Someone said the reason was that there was a rat problem. That’s too bad. This rule was never imposed in the thirty plus years we’ve had this workshop as far as I can remember. Must have been the college art students having late night pizza in the art building and leaving leftovers in the trash cans for the rats to enjoy.

Anyway, here are some of my drawings from today.

2 Minute Warmup Pose – Sumi ink Wash

inksketch04320 inksketch04319______________________________________________________________________________________________

20 Minute Pose – Black and white charcoal on toned paper

Figure drawing 0011 Figure drawing 0010

Figure drawing 0012