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We had such a contrast of models in the last two weekends of the figure drawing workshop, from the muscular and dynamic Quantae of the previous week, to this slender young man who would just stand there without much of a bodily expression. The difference between Quantae and this young man (sorry, didn’t get his name), was that Quantae could also just stand there, but he had so many well defined muscles in his body that you could get really involved with the drawing; whereas, this young man wasn’t as muscular and you had to search deeply to find any interesting surface variations or tensions in his body.

But give the young model credit for it’s difficult enough to stand naked in front of a group of strangers and he also held his pose very well without moving much.

Here are some of the drawings from last Sunday’s figure drawing workshop.

2-minute warm-up poses (sumi ink)

inksketch04317 inksketch04318_________________________________________________________

10 minute pose (charcoal)

Figure drawing 0007_________________________________________________________

20 minute pose (charcoal)

Figure drawing 0008