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We had heavy rains passing over Hawaii this weekend with flash flood warnings in some areas of the state. I woke up this Sunday morning and looked out my window, saw how heavy the dark clouds were, and went back to bed unsure whether or not I should go to the figure drawing workshop, or just stay home and watch NFL football. I got up again about thirty minutes later, looked out the window, saw that it had cleared up some, and decided to go to the figure drawing workshop.

I drove over to Foodland first to withdraw money at their in-store ATM machine and then walked over to Starbucks to get a grande size hot cup of Americano before taking the twenty something mile drive to the workshop. It was pouring rain in town and I had to sit in the car for a few minutes before it let up and I was able to make a dash to the building.

I was glad I actually decided to go. My normal drawing bench spot was still available and was able to talk story with the other guys there before the session started. I thought there would be less people today but it was unusually crowded, close to maybe thirty-five people, I think. We had a model with an interesting face and unusual eyes, and probably has an exotic Cosmopolitan mix.

Here are four of the twenty minute drawings that I did at today’s figure drawing workshop.

Figure drawing FB0137

Three-color chalk drawing 0033-small

Three-color chalk drawing 0035-small

Three-color chalk drawing 0034-small