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Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 35th Annual Art Show 2013

I submitted two oil paintings to the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce 35thAnnual Art Show early this week. I felt good about my work and I thought I may have a shot of getting accepted. Unfortunately, there were about 550 other artworks that were entered and only 58 were selected. My two paintings didn’t make the cut.

The HJCC art show is a very prestigious event here in Hawaii. I entered two paintings for the first time last year after being away from painting for about 15 years. Neither paintings were selected and I did feel more disappointment then than I did this year. Knowing how difficult it was to get selected because there were so many good established and up and coming artists out there kept my expectations low and made it less of a disappointment for me this year.

What do I do with my two paintings? Do I make up my own personal Salon des Refusés with my blog? Thank God for the Internet. At least there’s a place where I could at least show pictures of my rejected work. It’s not the same as having your work hanging on the wall and people seeing the actual work with all its subtleties and nuances and flaws. I would like to hold my own exhibit or be part of a group exhibit someday but I just don’t have the body of work at this time. Besides I have a lot of catching up to do as a painter.

So here are the two rejected paintings that I entered for the HJCC 35th Annual Art Show.


Hawaiian Flour Mill-no frame


Roots-no frame