One of my earliest posts (Oil Painting: Tech Boy) when I started blogging  was this painting I did of this person, who worked on the same street I did. A co-worker and I named him Tech Boy because he’d be walking around with a headphone and a computer bag. We’ve made several passing contacts with him since then but it was just to say “hi” or “good morning.” He has sort of become one of our favorite persons in the regular sphere of our workweek.

The first painting I did of him was for fun and as a learning experience for me as a painter. I just did a generic, made up picture of him that was never close to what he actually looked like. But it was my plan to revise the painting when I could find the time.

Revising the painting

I started several weeks ago by doing a pencil drawing of him and then painting in black and white over his original image to block it out. I finally found some time today to start repainting it in color. I made a lot of progress but it remains unfinished. There’s still a lot to do with the image. For example, his hands are just blobs of flesh color. His face need to be worked on. What I’d really like to do is to work on the psychology of his face. Maybe there are some pain, hardship, and loneliness in his life. He does have some sort of handicap and he has become skeletal thin but he rises above that and carries on with his life. It will be a challenge for me to convey that in my painting.

What I was really happy with, though, was my progress in the handling of the oil paint. I’d like to get more painterly because my paintings have a tendency to become flat and clean.

So here are pictures of my progress with the revision, starting with the original painting of Tech Boy.

Original painting of Tech Boy.

Oil painting on canvas board, 20" w X 24" h.

Oil painting on canvas board, 20″ w X 24″ h.

Pencil sketch for revised Tech Boy.

Revised Tech Boy-step0

Original image painted over with the revised figure in black, white and gray.

Revised Tech Boy-step1

Revised painting in color. Still a work in progress.

Revised Tech Boy-step2