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We had an amazing model today whose name is Quantae. He’s been in Hawaii for about two years and has modeled for our workshop many times already.  He has very expressive poses, with lots of twists and turns of his body. It doesn’t hurt that he has a great physique with very well defined muscles. There’s a published book of him with some great photos.

Our workshop had to move to a smaller classroom since the University’s summer session class that’s using the larger drawing room doesn’t want us to rearrange anything in there. We’ll be using the smaller room for the next two weekends.

I started off with sumi ink for the first ten warm-up poses; then switched to charcoal for the 5 and 10 minute poses, and also one of the 20 minute poses; and finally to the three color chalk drawing for the remaining 20 minute poses and a final pose of 30 minutes.

Sumi Ink (2 minute warm-up poses)

Ink sketches #05_May2013

Ink sketches #06_May2013

Charcoal Pencil Drawings (10 and 20 minute poses)

Figure drawing FB0134

Figure drawing FB0133

Three Color Chalk Drawings (20 minute poses)

Three-color chalk drawing 0007

Three-color chalk drawing 0006

Three-color chalk drawing 0008