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Our figure drawing workshop started off today with a jammed key in a keyhole. Scott, who monitors the workshop, got the key to the drawing room stuck in the keyhole. He was able to open the door but the key wouldn’t pull out. He squirted some WD-40 in the keyhole but that didn’t help. A couple of us tried to see if we had the “magic hand” to pull out the key but no luck. It took a big, burly security guard to finally come to the rescue and pull it out. I wonder how they would have secured the door for the night if they couldn’t get the key out. There are a lot of drawing benches and easels in that room and the easels are probably worth at least $150 each. They might have been able to get a 24-hour emergency locksmith somewhere, even on a Sunday.

But back to the figure drawing workshop…

I continued to work on my three color chalk drawing on the twenty minute poses. I thought I did well today. Looking back to when I first started using this method, in which I was generally confused, to today,  I think I’ve made some progress and have a better grasp and understanding on how to use this method. It’s a staggered progress but  progress nonetheless.

Here are two of the twenty minute three color chalk drawings I did today.

Three-color chalk drawing 0004

Three-color chalk drawing 0005