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I’m really liking the possibilities of three color chalk drawings. It’s not something that I’ve done much of and I expect to be a little clumsy at first, in attempting this drawing technique. This week’s figure drawing workshop gave me a good opportunity to try several drawings.

Two came out terribly wrong and I ripped one up but decided to keep the other just for something I can reference back to. Two others were just ok for me. I wasn’t too happy with a lot of things, especially my touch. My hatching lines were done haphazardly, and maybe I was off proportionally. I’m a little picky with the surface quality of my drawings. It’s something I have to concentrate on the next time I try this drawing technique.

These were the drawings that I were better than the other two disasters.

Three-color chalk drawing 0001

Three-color chalk drawing 0002

I also fell short on getting the likeness and I apologize to the model. I think the time will come when I will know how to use the red, black, and white colors together; where I feel more confident about where I’m placing them. I’m trying but right now, there’s a lot of searching and experimenting. And also, a lot of uncertainty whether or not I’m doing it right.