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The last time I used toned charcoal paper was probably back in college. Through the years I didn’t see the need to use toned charcoal paper and just used cheaper white drawing paper. Last month, I bought several sheets from Dick Blick to give it a try. I used the toned charcoal paper last week and again today. It takes a bit of getting used to because of the tone color. On white paper you build up the various shades from your lights to your dark. On toned paper, a tone is already there and you have to build up your drawing around it. Since I’m sort of still new to drawing on toned paper, I’m a bit confused as to the tone I’m putting down with my black charcoal pencil. I also need a little bit more practice on how to use the white pencil for the highlights and the lighter tones. Here are the two charcoal drawings from today’s figure drawing session. I think I did alright but someone else may see differently.

Twenty minute drawing from live model

charcoal figure drawing #127

Charcoal Figure Drawing #129

I think I’ll be getting more of these toned charcoal paper and  will be using them on a more regular basis.