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The Sunday figure drawing session begins with ten 2-minute warm-up poses by the model. I like to use ink and wash for these poses because I have to work quickly. The wooden chopstick dipped in ink works really well  to get the lines down, and  the sumi brush dipped in diluted ink quickly covers broad areas to indicate the shadows. I’ll also pull ink off the drawn lines with the brush. It’s very expressive and calligraphic like. I learned this method from my figure drawing instructor, Ken Bushnell, at the University of Hawaii. He had us use an ink called Super Quink, but I switched to sumi ink because I could get a really dark black and a wider range of grays. Below are samples of ink sketches that were done within the past two years.

It may take a little practice not to mess up the line work when you’re brushing in the washes but you can get some really nice, expressive figure drawings from the warm-up poses with a brush and a chopstick pen.

If you’re on Facebook, you may be able to go to my Ink Figure Sketches album and see additional sketches at a larger size.