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I was finally able to buy an iPad several months ago and one of the apps I purchased was a digital painting app called Procreate. It was great playing around with it and one of the first projects I worked on for fun was an old charcoal drawing of a female model. I always thought I could turn it into an oil painting. The iPad provided an opportunity for me to see how it could look in color. I was happy with the results. Eventually, the time came when I was able to do an actual oil painting of it on a canvas board. I could have painted it the same way as I did on the iPad but decided to go a bit further than that. The oil painting is still unfinished. I need to finalize the figure and rework the flesh tone and hair. Doing a preliminary digital painting on the iPad can provide an artist a way to try out some color schemes before going to canvas. It can also be fun.

This is a second painting from a charcoal drawing that I’m working on.