Some of my earlier charcoal drawings of models at a Sunday drawing session. These were done around the 1980’s to 1990’s. I found my own personal style of drawing the human figure/portrait around this time. I like to combine fine tonal renderings with hatch lines to define the figure and facial structure. I try to get the widest range of grays, which would include a really strong black area that will grab the viewer’s attention, and to the faintest of lines or tonal areas. At one point, I tried to go mostly tonal, but I felt that the lines add more character and interest to the drawing.

I also paid careful attention to the hair, with the light and shadow areas and the direction the hair flowed. I feel the person’s hair is a very important part of the subject’s identity and adds a lot of interest to the drawing. I try to draw the hair as best as possible and not treat it as an afterthought.

There was a really long period when I rarely attended the drawing sessions but I’ve been a regular now for about two years.  The human figure will always be my favorite subject and I’m learning  each time I study and draw from it.