National Oceans Month Exhibit 2018



In celebration of National Oceans Month an exhibit was held at the Honolulu Hale Courtyard from May 24 – June 15, 2018. The name of this exhibit is Ka ‘ike o ka Moana: The Knowledge of the Ocean. Our Sunday figure drawing group at Manoa, was invited to participate with ocean related artworks. Others involved were the Hawaii Watercolor Society, Waikiki Aquarium, NOAA and the Mayor’s Office of Culture & the Arts.

I submitted an oil painting of a mahimahi (dolphinfish).

Ocean 2018_5782_web

The opening reception was held on Thursday, May 31, 2018.

Ocean 2018_5784_web

We’ve had this show in past years, except for last year, and I hope we have it again in 2019. It’s always nice to have a place to exhibit your artwork.


Life Drawing Workshop – 5/6/18


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At today’s life drawing workshop I came to the realization that I need to wear my eyeglasses when drawing. I didn’t want it to have to come to that but I found myself straining to see the marks I was making on the paper. I guess I have to accept the fact that I’m getting old and my eyesight is not like what it used to be.

But other than that it was a good drawing session. The model had many interesting muscle definition and character that could make a drawing interesting.

Below is my drawing of the day. It was a 20 minute pose but I found the next pose uninteresting so I skipped that and continued working on this drawing for another 20 minutes.

I used graphite pencils (mechanical and wooden) including white highlights on tone paper.

Pencil tone 0005_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 4/22/18


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I haven’t used graphite for drawing for over 20+ years. It’s been mostly charcoal and ink. But a video I watched on YouTube in which the artist, who was demonstrating, used a mechanical graphite pencil and the result was just stunning. It was a 3 hour drawing and the artist had all the time to work out the complex layers of hatching and crosshatching. The longest pose I get to draw from is only 20 minutes long so I have to work very fast and the result usually looks hurried and sketchy.

It’s been about 3 weeks since I first started using graphite and I think I’m coming along where I’m getting a good feel for it. I think I’ll stick with it for awhile. I had thoughts of going back to charcoal for today’s workshop but decided otherwise.

Below are a couple of 20 minute graphite pencil drawing with white highlights on toned paper.

Pencil tone 0003_cleto_cristePencil tone 0004_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 3/18/18


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I haven’t drawn with graphite pencil in a very long time but I did today after my order of a .09 mm Pentel mechanical pencil and a 2 mm aviation aluminum mechanical pencil 2B arrived from Amazon. I also brought with me several wooden graphite pencils.

I avoided using graphite pencils for drawing for several reasons and I just preferred drawing with charcoal. I know it might take some time to get that familiarity back with graphite again but I think I’ll give it a lot of chance for it to become one of my tools of choice.

Below are a couple of 20 minute graphite pencil drawings with white highlights on tone paper. I think I’ll add a couple of darker grades like maybe a 4B and 6B. I hope it gets better next time.

Charcoal tone 0138_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0139_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 2/25/18


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We’ve been getting a lot of rain lately and it looked like it was going to be another wet day. But the clouds just hung overhead and I didn’t have to drive to and from the drawing workshop in the rain.

The model we had was a regular model that I’ve drawn many times before. I think I got one drawing that I really liked from today’s drawing session.

Below is a 20 minute 2-color charcoal drawing on toned paper.

Charcoal tone 0136_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 2/18/18


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Overcast day this Sunday. I was planning to do some archery after the workshop but it looked like some heavy rain was going to come down so I cancelled it.

But today’s life drawing workshop turned out pretty good for me. The two minute warm-up ink drawings came out better than I expected. I also got a couple of drawings from the longer 20 minute poses that I thought were worthy of posting.

Below are two twenty-minute charcoal drawings on toned paper.

Charcoal tone 0134_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0135_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 2/11/18


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Today we remembered Yoko, a very respected and well loved fellow artist, with a luncheon after the figure drawing session. Yoko ran the Sunday life drawing workshop diligently for over 30 years. She passed away a few weeks ago.

It was a huge turnout, the most people I’ve ever seen in that drawing room at one time in all the years that I’ve been there. There were artist friends that I met there about 30 years ago that don’t attend the workshop anymore but showed up for this day. It was just great to see them again.

The food was great and more than enough for everyone. Kudos for Scott G. for putting together this luncheon.

But there was a figure drawing session first and we had one of our favorite models. His poses are just amazing. He has a way of contorting his body in many different angles.

Below are three of the twenty-minute poses that I drew with charcoal on toned paper.

Charcoal tone 0131_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0132_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0133_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – Sunday, 1/28/18


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We were saddened with the news of the passing of a dear artist Yoko, who ran this Sunday group for about three decades. I first met her when I started attending this Sunday workshop back in the early 80’s. She hired and scheduled the models, collected the money to pay the models, and timed the poses. We all benefited from her unselfish labor of love.

She was, herself, an excellent artist especially with pastels and charcoal. As Yoko got older she transitioned her responsibility to Scott, who is now handling the duty of keeping this Sunday life drawing workshop going. I must say, she passed the torch on to the right person for this Sunday workshop is as well attended as ever.

As for today’s workshop we had a bald male model, an old timer that we’ve drawn many times before. Sometimes I find him difficult to draw but I thought I was able to get a couple good drawings off of him.

Charcoal tone 0129_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0130_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 1/21/18 & 1/28/18


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With so many things going on last December and early January I haven’t been able to go to the life drawing workshop. But I was able to go last weekend and this weekend. I didn’t feel rusty at all and was able to continue where I left off.

Below are some of 2 minute warm-up figure ink wash drawings from the past two Sundays.

Sumi Ink 0079_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0080_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0081_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0082_cleto_criste

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