Life Drawing Workshop – 2/11/18


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Today we remembered Yoko, a very respected and well loved fellow artist, with a luncheon after the figure drawing session. Yoko ran the Sunday life drawing workshop diligently for over 30 years. She passed away a few weeks ago.

It was a huge turnout, the most people I’ve ever seen in that drawing room at one time in all the years that I’ve been there. There were artist friends that I met there about 30 years ago that don’t attend the workshop anymore but showed up for this day. It was just great to see them again.

The food was great and more than enough for everyone. Kudos for Scott G. for putting together this luncheon.

But there was a figure drawing session first and we had one of our favorite models. His poses are just amazing. He has a way of contorting his body in many different angles.

Below are three of the twenty-minute poses that I drew with charcoal on toned paper.

Charcoal tone 0131_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0132_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0133_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – Sunday, 1/28/18


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We were saddened with the news of the passing of a dear artist Yoko, who ran this Sunday group for about three decades. I first met her when I started attending this Sunday workshop back in the early 80’s. She hired and scheduled the models, collected the money to pay the models, and timed the poses. We all benefited from her unselfish labor of love.

She was, herself, an excellent artist especially with pastels and charcoal. As Yoko got older she transitioned her responsibility to Scott, who is now handling the duty of keeping this Sunday life drawing workshop going. I must say, she passed the torch on to the right person for this Sunday workshop is as well attended as ever.

As for today’s workshop we had a bald male model, an old timer that we’ve drawn many times before. Sometimes I find him difficult to draw but I thought I was able to get a couple good drawings off of him.

Charcoal tone 0129_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0130_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 1/21/18 & 1/28/18


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With so many things going on last December and early January I haven’t been able to go to the life drawing workshop. But I was able to go last weekend and this weekend. I didn’t feel rusty at all and was able to continue where I left off.

Below are some of 2 minute warm-up figure ink wash drawings from the past two Sundays.

Sumi Ink 0079_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0080_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0081_cleto_cristeSumi Ink 0082_cleto_criste

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Life Drawing Workshop – 11/26/17


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Caught something during this Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Got the coughs and runny nose but I’ve been taking Echinasea Goldenseal and I think it has kept my cold in check. My co-worker was turned on to this by his hippie friends and he in turn told me the benefits of Echinasea Goldenseal. The trick is, though, is to take it immediately at the onset when you start to feel the scratchy throat and runny nose.

So I woke up this morning and it had been raining and it’s wet all over the island. But I needed to get out of the house and start getting back to a regular routine that I was familiar with so I decided to go to the figure drawing workshop.

I got to talk about art and socialize with my artist friends. The model was late but it turned out to be a pretty good drawing session.

Below is a 20 minute two-color charcoal drawing on tone paper.

Charcoal tone 0127_cleto_criste

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Koa Gallery Miniature Art Show 2017


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I submitted one painting for the Koa Gallery Miniature Art Show at Kapiolani Community College. The show is from November 16 to December 16, 2017. This is just the second year I’ve participated in this show.

I still have a little difficulty coming up with paintings at such a small size but I’ll try to put in more effort for next year. The maximum size is 9″ x 12″ but I heard from some other artists that they want to go smaller to about 5″ x 7″.

Below is my miniature painting. Couldn’t come up with an original title so I just called it Crow.

Crow_8x10_small 72dpi #2

Life Drawing Workshop 11/5/17


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Beautiful young black model today with bright shining eyes. Probably still new at modeling. Her poses were not a dynamic as some of the older, more experienced models we’ve had but she was still a very good subject.

Below is a 20 minute pose, which I worked on for another 10 minutes after the pose was done.

Charcoal tone 0126_cleto_criste

Below is an earlier warmup 2 minute pose with ink and brush.

Sumi Ink 0077_cleto_criste

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New Painting: Dragonflies & Butterflies


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Dragonflies & Butterflies-Cleto Criste

The inspiration for a painting can come in many different ways to an artist. For landscape artist, they see a beautiful scenery that they’d want to put down on paper or canvas. Others may want to just express themselves or make a statement through their art.

I get my ideas in many different ways. I’ll usually sketch these ideas first with a pen on paper. It will sometimes evolve and maybe transform through the painting process but there’s still the general idea behind it.

For my painting, Dragonflies and Butterflies, it came about from these two books (and authors) that I’ve been reading. The first book that I read was called Nothing In this Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are by the author Bob Frissell.

Nothing in this book is true

The author talks about the many dimensional levels in existence. We are of course in the third dimension and he says humanity will eventually ascend to the fourth dimension and on up the higher levels.

This book led me to another book called The Ancient Secret Of The Flower Of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

flower of life book cover

Drunvalo Melchizedek was the source of information for Bob Frissell about the multi-dimensional levels. Drunvalo Melchizedek claims to be a Melchizedek, a higher being in one of the many orders of God’s celestial beings. According to the author there was an exchange where the original occupant of the body of Drunvalo Melchizedek left the body and a Melchizedek walked in to the body that was vacated by the original owner.

Melchizedeks have the ability to travel through all the many different dimensional levels. In the case of Drunvalo Melchizedek he is now subject to the limitations of a human being since he’s now in a material human form. His memory of his prior existence has slowly faded away.  Drunvalo Melchizedek is a spiritual teacher in the US and is very well known among spiritual seekers. Is he what he claims to be? We may never know.

On another note, there’s also a third book I’m reading called The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book

It’s not connected to the other two books but I’m mentioning it since The Urantia Book also talk about the Melchizedeks. Supposedly there are five Melchizedeks of the Melchizedek order assigned to help oversee our world, though not in human form but invisible to us. In our distant past, there was a personality called Machiventa Melchizedek that took the human form and spread the word of God and his teaching influenced Abraham. He sort of paved the way for the arrival of Jesus by keeping alive the belief of one God through his teachings and spreading it throughout the world with his missionaries.

I’ve found another inspiration for a painting from The Urantia Book but that is a blog for another day. Now back to the original topic of this blog.

I’m reading about multi-dimensional levels and it is explained as very similar to the musical scale. According to Drunvalo Melchizedek and Bob Frissell there are twelve dimensional levels and in between each dimensional levels are another twelve levels called overtones. That would make it a total of 144 dimensional levels. You can see it in this illustration I pulled off from Nothing In This Book Is True, But It’s Exactly How Things Are.


While I was sketching out new ideas for a painting in my sketchbook I was reflecting about the things I read from these books about the different dimensional levels and idea took hold and I did several sketches. The idea was that the branches represented the musical bar lines and the dragonflies and butterflies represented the musical notes. On another level, the branches represented the dimensional levels and the dragonflies and butterflies represented ascending souls or beings. The thorns on the branches represent the difficulty of ascending to the next dimensional level. They are obstructions, whatever they may be, that prevents a soul from advancing to the next level.

Pen sketch dragonflies-butterflies

So that’s how my painting Dragonflies and Butterflies came to be.

The painting started off in a different style but then I changed it to what it is now. I’m into using a golden yellow palette with a minimum of colors at this time.

I submitted it to the Pamana Art Exhibit at the Honolulu Hale and it’s now part of the exhibit. The show runs from October 4 to October 26, 2017.

002 Pamana_5573

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Pamana Art Show 2017


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I have two paintings in the Pamana Art Show. This juried art show is held by the Asia-Pacific Arts Consortium (A-PAC). It will be held at the 1st Floor Courtyard of Honolulu Hale. The art exhibit will be held from October 2 – October 27, 2017.

Below are my two paintings. The first is called Dragonflies and Butterflies. The second painting is called Spear Fisherman.

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Life Drawing Workshop – 9/17/17


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Back to the life drawing workshop again. Got a beautiful model. I noticed something though. I did a couple of twenty minute drawings of her in profile view. Then on her third 20 minute pose she was facing me. I thought her facial features were just totally different from what I saw in her profiles. Normally, there’s an easy recognizable resemblance from profile to frontal but I just thought she looked like a completely different person in her profile and front pose.

Below are three 20 minute poses done in aux deux crayons manner on tone paper.

Charcoal tone 0123_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0124_cleto_cristeCharcoal tone 0125_cleto_criste

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